Contrast Canadian Photographic Works PHILOSOPHY

A Focus on Our Time
The progression of photography, technically and visually,
has moved at such a great pace that we find it moving quickly
out of the realm of “photography” and well into conceptual
illustration. We have gone from image-taking to image-making.
Photographers today rely on their creativity after the shutter is
released instead of before, and during. The result is a lack of a
relationship with the subject in any given image, a loss of
emotion, and a sense of disconnection from the real world
around us.

By revisiting the history of photography, Fabrice sees modern
interpretations of the classic technique as a way of reminding
the viewer that images are ambassadors of real time, not
artificial moments. Seen through the right lens by the right
person, reality takes on unique forms that establish emotional
connections to crucial moments in time.

It is this blend of ideas about history, about the relationship
between our present and the future that brings this selection
of photographers and their work together at Contrast.

The Photographer as Author
Authorship is the key element in a philosophy that
encompasses the work showcased by Contrast. In this era of
the instant pictures mixed with the commonality of the digital
image, Contrast’s goal is to put the photographer’s name and
style at the forefront. The body of work created by a
photographer represents an individual perspective, style, skill
and technique. These elements must be associated to a
photographer’s name, to her/his identity.

In current times, the reality of photography as a pure means
of documenting has fallen out of favour to make way for the
digital age and the photo illustration. Whether captured on film
or digitally, photography presented by Contrast is about the
democracy of the medium. The need isn’t for raw photojournalism
exclusively but an image free of digital manipulation. In the
moment of creating the final image, it is the photographer’s
instinctive and visual choices to compose, light and capture
that are in the spotlight.

The photographic process, the interpretation and appreciation
for the work and the moment it records, is left to the individual
standing before the image. Each person who looks at a Contrast
image becomes a part of it because she/he is of the same world.