Contrast Canadian Photographic Works WHO

Curator Fabrice Strippoli

CCPW introduces fine works by Canadian Photographers,
selected and edited by Fabrice Strippoli.

Fabrice has dedicated over two decades to the art of
photography, immersed in the culture both as a photographer
and a master printer. Fabrice is dedicated to promoting a
Canadian vision of photography through established and
emerging talent.

Having worked with some of the top artists of our time,
Fabrice has been involved in the evolution of a raw series of
photos into iconic images that recount the stories of our times.
A acute editor of bodies of work, Fabrice quickly assimilates
the artistic vision of each individual photographer. His talent
as a curator lies in recognizing the images that link the work,
that give it an extra edge, one that delivers unique storytelling.

As a master printer, he has created the final look and feel
of countless images for international shows and editions,
master prints for books and other publications. As a
photographer, he has established himself as a author of
significant bodies of work such as Milestones, Dark City,
the Camargue and St-Laurent.

Fabrice’s strong editing skills are supported by his extensive
knowledge of the history of photography combined with
his philosophy of the future of the medium.